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Process & requirements

The students who enrol will require:

  • Access to broadband (hi-speed internet) with, minimum 10 Mbps download speed
  • A computer (Desktop or Laptop) with webcam and audio that enables the students to attend live classes. We do not recommend the use of mobile phones and tablets due to small screen size and limited functionalities.
  • Comfortable table, chair, book storage space, and essential stationery including notebooks for written work and home work
  • Learning Kit (ordered online after enrolment and delivered at home by 21K School)
  • A quiet space with a good background wall or curtains will enrich the learning time.
  • Presence of Learning Coach is mandatory for Pre-Primary students and recommended for other students. Learning Coach is a parent or a competent adult who can supervise the live classes and follow-up with the homework schedule.
  • Online Portal

  • Induction

  • Timetables/Enrollment

  • Live and Interactive Lessons

  • Learning Plans

  • Examinations and Formal Assessments

  • Assessment and Progression

  • Communications

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