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Primary Years Programme

World class education for your world.

All those successfully completing Year 1 with us are guaranteed a place in the Primary Years Programme (PYP).

British Primary starts learners on an exciting educational journey, helping them to become confident, responsible, reflective, innovative, and engaged. It is adapted to suit our context, culture, and ethos. It is typically for students aged 6 to 11 years. By offering British Primary, we provide a broad and balanced education for our learners, helping them to thrive throughout their schooling, work, and life.

Our Primary programme provides excellent foundations for the next stage of education, as well as plenty of opportunities to develop creativity, expression and personal wellbeing in a variety of ways.

Our approach to Primary education:

A broad curriculum for a balanced education

Along with the delivery of core subjects the curriculum aims to develop creativity, expression, and wellbeing. A range of subjects makes sure that teaching and learning appeal to many different students and prepares them for future learning by introducing them to new topics. Teachers are supported with a stimulating and varied curriculum, which challenges and inspires students to be lifelong learners.

A robust foundation with excellent progression

British Primary provides a strong foundation for students at the beginning of their schooling before progressing through the IGCSE programme (including the Key Stages) in an age-appropriate way. The curriculum makes sure that even the youngest students are learning the right things at the right time. Teachers focus on teaching, knowing that the sequencing of learning aligns from stage to stage. Students will be familiar with content and skills from the previous stage and well prepared for the next.

A global learner in a local context

British Primary encourages learners to understand their own culture, community, and identity within the wider world. The program celebrates local culture while helping learners to discuss global issues. Activities in the schemes of work are internationally focused but they can be applied in all local contexts so that learners can develop a broad outlook.

A flexible approach

British Primary programme is flexible, so it can be adapted to the learners’ needs and works with the local context. The programme covers six years of learning and can be integrated with local and national curricula.

British Primary is designed to stretch, challenge, and inspire all students, whatever their cultural context. The British Curriculum at 21K will offer the following courses from Grades 1 to 5:

  • English
  • Global Perspectives
  • Mathematics
  • Computational Thinking & Coding
  • Second Langauge (French / Hindi / Marathi / Kannada / Tamil / Telugu)
  • English as a Second Language.
  • Science
  • Music & Rhythm
  • Yoga, Mindfulness and Meditation
  • Digital Media and Arts
  • Third Language – Optional (French / Hindi / Marathi / Kannada / Tamil / Telugu / Sanskrit)

Summer School Programme would be held towards the end of the academic year, focussing on life-skills and real-world learning.

Workbooks from Cambridge University Press for English, Global Perspectives, Mathematics, Computational Thinking and Science are delivered to the student’s residence along with books for Second and Third Language from Indian Publishers.

The curriculum and progression

All British Primary subjects include a set of learning objectives that provide a structure for teaching and learning, and a reference against which you can check learners’ attainment and skills.

The learning objectives are divided into clearly sequenced areas called ‘strands’ that is taught separately or together. All the British Primary subjects and learning objectives ensure a smooth progression throughout British Primary and onwards into Cambridge Lower Secondary and beyond.

EYFS and Cambridge Curriculum Framework

Textbooks & Workbooks delivered at home

24 Students in a class

1:18 Teacher to student ratio

Academic Structure and support to parents

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