Fees (British)

Fees (British)

For the Academic Year 2022-23

British Curriculum Fees

The following is the fee structure for Early years to Grade 12 for NEW STUDENTS admitted to 21K School for the academic year 2022-23 beginning from 04 July 2022. There is no change in fees for existing parents of 21K School, please contact School for specific details.

School Fees for New Students

(Applicable from 5001 Admissions onwards)
Particulars - British CurriculumAnnual School Fees ($)Learning Kit ($)Coding Platform and Kit ($)Third Language Fee ($)Admission Fee/ Deposit ($)Uniform/ Transport ($)
Early Year( Nursery), Reception/ Year R (KG1), Foundation/ Year 1 (KG2)750100----


1: Third Language Fees is $20 for the first month and thereafter $5 per month for nine months, payable at once along with 1st Instalment of School Fee.

2: Additional fee of $20 per month will be applicable for Special Child Support (SEN).

3. We follow the curriculum as prescribed by Cambridge International Examinations, UK.

4Students may also opt to join the Edexcel cohort for Grades 9 to 12 following International GCSE and International Advanced Level. The fee structure remains the same in either case

* International shipping charges are included.

Payment Schedule

Applicable for the New Students beginning classes from 4th July 2022

Payment Schedule from 5001 Admissions Onwards

FeesInitial Fee ($)Instalment 1 ($)Instalment 2 ($)Instalment 3 ($)Total ($)
Last Date for PaymentAt the Time of Admission15-Aug-202215-Nov-202215-Feb-2023
Early Year( Nursery) Kindergarten (KG1), Year 1 (KG2)75225225225750
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  • Choosing between Cambridge and Edexcel

  • Learning Material Kit

  • Coding Kit

  • Language Choices

  • Language Policy

  • Important Notes

  • Rebates & Additional Costs


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