Day Boarding

Day Boarding

21K School is proud to announce the launch of a new day-boarding program for high achieving students in Grades 1 through 8. It is a unique, cross-curricular approach to learning where eager students can develop their critical thinking skills and solve problems creatively.

The immersive programme is open for Indian, British and American Curriculum students. However, only the best of students are selected for this unique opportunity, where admissions restrictions only allow exceptional individuals who can prove their academic merit to participate fully – it’s not just about being intelligent but also eager!

The Day-Boarding Programme involves additional two hours of skill-based, activity-based learning that develops communication, leadership, creativity, computing and general knowledge for comprehensive personality development of students. Some of the benefits of day-Boarding are:

  • Your child could get a leg-up in their future careers
  • The children will be well rounded and more skilled than their peers
  • Increased creativity
  • Broadened general knowledge
  • Improved communication skills
  • Enhanced leadership capabilities
  • Overall Better Personality

The Day Boarding Programme is optional and available at an additional fee. It will require students to attend additional 2 hours of schooling either after or before their regular day-school hours at 21K.

The Programme includes:

  • Additional Third language (only for Grades 1 to 5)
  • Computer & IT Programme (Grade 6 to 8)
  • English Reading Programme
  • Leadership Programme
  • General Knowledge,
  • Personality Development,
  • Mindfulness and more workshops

All students will have access to Additional Academic Support (AAS) in the form of ‘on-demand’ Doubts Clearing Time of 2 hours every working Saturday during the scheduled time.


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